Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sewing Projects

I thought I would share a few of my sewing projects today.  I have only been sewing about 6 months and am still not very good, but I wanted to share my craft room set up and a few things I have sewn. 
a few little touches to call it mine own

This is the basic set up of my sewing room, I love being able to sew and look out of the bay windows

That's Georgia, she helps, a lot, this is the sewing desk we found on, the panel with the cubbys can fold into the footing part and the table folds down so it's smaller

This is how I store my fabric/supplies, I add a fabric softner sheet as well to keep everything smelling fresh.

my thread organizer

I have these to store fabric or if I am working on a project I can put the according pieces in the cube and keep organized.  These are from Thirty-One (which I also sell, if you would like to buy something please let me know!)

My first project.  My husband is a locksmith and found this fabric, I had no pattern, just "winged it", I put a throw pillow from a bedding set in it instead of stuffing. 

I had never sewn a zipper either!

a pair of sleep pants

This is an apron I made, again, no pattern, just kind of went with it. 

I have mastered the sleep pants. 

This was the first time I had attempted a drawstring instead of elastic waist.

A pair of sleep pants for my husband

my very first pair of sleep pants, obviously I hadn't mastered the length, and it took a lot of stitch ripping, but for no "pattern" and never sewing before, they turned out ok.   

I can't read a pattern to save my life, so all of mine are fly by the seat of my pants, lets try this and see what happens.  For the pajama pants I took an old pair I didn't wear, took them apart and cut the fabric adding a little extra for seams.  Once I saw that worked, and they're sleep pants, I don't really need them to be fitted, I started just cutting all four pieces of fabric off the one pattern.  Works like a champ.  For my husbands, I did the same without ripping up old pants, I bought a roll of doctor's office paper (the kind they put on the table) and I use that as my "pattern" I just traced the outline of his pants and adding a little for seams.  His keep coming out a little big, so I have had to adjust here and there.  Now here are three "tips" that have been wonderful for me.   Also, not shown, get a good comfortable office/computer chair. 
I used the box my iron came in to put between the wall and the pedal of my sewing machine.  I got so tired of it slipping back and having to pull it forward.  I have seen people nail down a 2x4 as well, but, this doesn't involve that much effort!  :)

Fold up iron (and a Georgia and Pete)

I have two cutting board and a piece of plexiglass on top of my sewing table.  I have them stuck there by double sided tape.  This way I have measurements on both sides and I can use my rotary cutter the length of the table.  The plexi glass works just as well as the expensive cutting mats.  I also saw premeasured stickers at Michaels that you could put down under it to have your measurements. 

So there ya go, a little insight into my "craft"/sewing room.  Te closet holds uayrn for crocheting, and the tale beside my sweing desk is now home to my cricut and computer.  I like having a "girl cave".  Sometimes I just need to go in there and relax, do my own thing and decompress. 

What are your tips/tricks?  What is your sewing room like?